• High-tech panel horizontal milling center
  • 2x 6 symmetrical face-to-face numerical axes with ultra-precise positioning
  • Dynamic machine with linear motors
  • Patented high speed milling head
  • Absolute thickness control (0.5mm to 12mm)
  • Universal & stress-free loading/unloading system for a large variety of panel shapes
  • Fully automated MMS® cell or stand-alone MMS® configurations
  • Palletization system - off-cycle panel handlingand clamping

Key factors:

Up to 10x times faster than chemical milling
Profit from resale of recycled chips
Outstanding part milling success rate for all panel types
No operator interventions during the milling cycle
Proven process – more than 100,000 panels produced on more than 400 references
Eco-friendly, EURO LIFE award recipient

Machine range:

• MMS Small : up to 8800 mm x 2500 mm

• MMS Medium : up to 12800 mm x 3000 mm

• MMS Large : up to 14800 mm x 4150 mm